Lawful Existence

Importance Notice!

Need information on registration? Find the right person to talk to in the seat of our authority, Cook County, Illinois now. 


259 North Pulaski Road

Chicago, Illinois Territory 60624


Office - 7733603313

24hr  - 7737986215

24hr - 318 9460656


Events will now be posted on the press release page.

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Welcome to the Moorish Consulate Post, District 1

Here, you can be properly registered through the true Moorish Bureau of Vital Statistics.

The Moorish Consulate Post performs the diplomatic duties for Moorish American Moslems in all 7 of the Ecclestical Districts here in the Moroccan Empire.

Upcoming meetings/Próximas reuniones:


Domingo: Clases de nacionalidad española

Ahora: 11:00 am.
Sitio: Consulado del anuncio
Descripción: Estudio de la clasificación y nacionalidad.


Sunday: Nationality Classes in "English"

Time: 3:30 p.m.

Location:Consulate Post

Description: Study of classification and nationality.